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Barrie rental apartment heat by-law

Barrie Bylaw 84-200 - Section 32

Heating System


  1. Every dwelling shall be provided with an approved heating system capable of maintaining a room temperature of 20 degrees Celsius at 1.5 metres above floor level and 1 metre from exterior walls in all habitable rooms, bathrooms and toilet rooms.

  2. The heating system required by subsection (1) shall be maintained in good working condition so as to be capable of heating the dwelling safely to the required standard.

  3. No room heater shall be placed so as to cause a fire hazard to walls, curtains and furniture, nor to impede the free movement of persons within the room where the heater is located.

  4. Rigid connection shall be kept between all heating equipment, including cooking equipment burning any fuel and a chimney or flue.

  5. Rigid connections shall be kept between all heating equipment, including cooking equipment burning gaseous fuel and the supply line, except that an approved flexible connection, not more than 600 mm long, may be installed to permit cleaning behind a stove used for cooking.

  6. In multiple dwellings with a central heating system such heating equipment shall be located in a separate room having walls, ceilings and doors with a fire resistance rating of not less than one hour.

  7. A space which contains a heating unit shall have natural or mechanincal means of supplying sufficient combustion air.

  8. Where a heating system or part of it or any auxiliary heating system burns solid or liquid fuel a place or approved receptacle for storage of the fuel shall be provided and maintained in a convenient location at least 1.5 metres from the furnace and properly constructed so as to be free from fire or accident hazards.

  9. Equipment burning fuel shall be properly vented to a duct leading to an adequate chimney or a vent flue approved for that purpose.

  10. Every chimney, smoke pipe and flue shall be maintained so as to prevent gases from leaking into the dwelling. Abandoned flues and chimneys shall be either removed or maintained in a safe condition, including being adequately capped.

  11. All flues shall be kept clear of obstructions, all open joints shall be sealed and all broken and loose masonry shall be repaired.

  12. Chimneys, flues and gas vents shall be installed and maintained so that under conditions of use the temperature of any combustible material adjacent thereto, insulated therefrom, or in contact therewith, does not exceed a temperature of 71 degrees Celsius.

  13. Fireplaces and similar construction used or intended to be used for burning fuels in open fires shall be connected to an approved chimney and shall be installed in accordance with the standards set out in regulations made under the Building Code Act, R.S.O. 198 Chapter 51, as amended

  14. All heating equipment shall be installed to conform with the appropriate Canadian Standards Association standards of gaseous and liquid fuel burning appliances and equipment and shall comply with the Energy Act, R.S.O. 1980 c. 139 as amended.